Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday, April 8, 2011

Welcome Wyatt!!

Wyatt Tanner Davis born on April 4th, 2011 at 7:16 pm. He weighed 6 pounds and 19 inches long. We love him so much and are so glad that he is here!

I look like a mess in this picture, that's because I was...I was so emotional and just completely overjoyed!!
Daddy just cannot get enough of our sweet baby.

On Monday morning we went in for induction at 37 weeks pregnant. I was dialated to a 3 when we got there and they started pitocin at about 10:15am....We waited the day out and I progressed quite well. I got an epidural and Doctor Breitenbach broke my water. For some reason I cried all day long and I could not pull myself together. I had the most wonderful nurse in the whole world, Paula. Paula is also Doctor Breitenbach's wife and was just wonderful. She really didn't leave my room the whole day and she sat and cried with me and was so compassionate. I was really hoping to have the baby by 6pm since that is when she got off. But she ended up staying with me until after the bitter end, which was so sweet. Anyway, at around 7-8 cm dialated I started feeling a lot of pain so they came and dosed my epidural and for some reason it didn't do anything...and then it was shift change for the anesthesiologist....Dr. B came in and I was dialated to a 8-9 and he said that he was going to go home to exercise and he would be back in an hour. About 5 minutes after he walked out the contractions became unbearable and I went ballistic. I hated every second of it and really thought that I couldn't handle it, but I didn't exactly have a choice....Paula was so wonderful and stayed right there by me. They called for more drugs but it took awhile for him to come and in the mean time I was 'complete'. So of course they called Dr. B back and before we knew it I was ready to start pushing. I have had quite a bit of pain in my life but nothing compares to the pain that I felt at this time. The anesthesiologist got there and started pushing drugs but they didn't do a bit of good. Once I started pushing I at least had a purpose so it seemed to help me focus better. Paula kept on saying take a deep breath and a big push for the baby....This seemed to really help to be enduring the pain for the baby instead of feeling sorry for my self because this is NOT the way that I wanted it to go....Luckily I have babies pretty fast and didn't have to push for too long before Wyatt made his appearance....The doctor asked if I wanted some other kind of drugs before he stitched me up, but the pain of him sewing me was way less than the delivery so I told him to just go ahead. About the time the doctor was ready to get me cleaned up my legs went extreamly numb but nothing else really. Anyway Wyatt is here so that is all that matters...But it was honestly one of the worst best days of my life.

We had to stay in the hospital for two nights because Wyatt had to be on oxygen for about 8 hours. He then needed to be monitored and was having a hard time keeping his body temperature up. He has also had a hard time trying to figure out how to eat, but the last day he has finally figured it out and is doing great! We love this little guy and are so blessed to have hime in our family. He is so sweet and loves to cuddle!! Tuck and Sadie absolutely adore him and are going to be great siblings.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have been so blessed and humbled lately....friends and family have helped get us into our house. And then while I lay on the couch with the heating pad, there have been people in and out doing my laundry, washing baby stuff, fixing meals, cleaning, and on and on and on.....It has been soooo hard for me! I definitely am better at being on the serving end than the receiving end...but my love for these sweet people has grown a hundred times over, they have shown me how to be a better person and made me realize how each of them lets the light of Christ shine through them. So thank you, thank you, thank you!! I have learned so much!
Also on St. Patrick's Day Maretta, Melissa, Camille, and my mom did a baby shower for me...and once again I was overcome with gratitude. We had a yummy dinner, lots of fun visiting, gifts, a game, and delicious desserts. As I looked around I could see the love that we all have for each other, how blessed we are to share such a special love and connections with each other. Thank you all so much for coming and for the wonderful gifts and most of all for loving me! I love you all!!
Sadie was my big helper and folded the tissue paper!

Maretta is going to kill me for putting this picture on here, but I just thought that it was so funny, heeheehee!!

The girls are checking out the new high chair:)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Life, life, and more life....

For a few weeks Tuck's two bottom teeth have been loose...but last night he was eating an apple and the one became super loose. So I asked him if he wanted me to pull it out, so I got a piece of floss and tied it around the tooth....He was too nervous and decided that he didn't want me to pull it out. He then said, "Why can't grandpa just pull it out?" I said, "why do you want grandpa to pull it out?" He said, "because you don't even know what you are doing." I just laughed because I have talked about loosing my teeth several times with Tuck. And my dad pulled out every single tooth of mine, so he must be an expert:) Anyway the next thing I know Tuck is getting off the phone with grandpa. I said, "What are you doing?" He said, "I just called grandpa and he said that we could go up there and he would pull out my tooth." So we all loaded up and headed to grandpa's. Grandpa did such a fantastic job that Tuck had him pull out both of his teeth that were loose. It was so cute and Tuck was so excited. Thank you so much Grandpa!!

The Dutch John Elementary had the Masoula Theater come teach the kids for a week. The worked very hard to put on a fabulous production of Treasure Island. Tuck was the cutest seagull you have ever seen:)

33 weeks!!

Life has been pretty hectic lately...We moved up the the hill to a bigger house!! We worked hard to replace the banisters, paint, clean, replace rotten floors, and move. A few days after we got all of our stuff moved I started having 'side ache' type pains...I didn't think much of it until on day 3 of the pain, I couldn't handle it anymore. Also all of the pain had been cause some pretty good contractions and I was only 32 weeks pregnant. So I called my doctor and of course he wanted me to come down. So we went down to the hospital to get checked out...Luckily the baby was doing fine, but my kidneys on the other hand weren't looking so hot. I have hydronephrosis in both kidneys and of course more stones...So the Doctor monitored me for awhile and then gave me instruction to take it really easy for the next 2 weeks so that we could at least get to 34 weeks. He also gave me some meds for the contractions and some pain meds. Anyway we are just taking it a day at a time...trying to get as far along as possible. We are so grateful to be past 34 weeks, and are now praying that my kidneys will hold up to get us to 36 or 37 weeks!!

These girls have so much fun playing together. Sadie (left), Kallie (middle), Gracie (right)

Friday, December 10, 2010


I don't know what it is about this pregnancy but I am sure sticking out fast. It is really fun though because I started feeling him move at 16 weeks and now every night the kids and Tanner can feel him going crazy. Tuck and Sadie both love to talk to their baby brother and give him 'loves' constantly:)



Junior, Savanna, Tuck, Gracie, Kallie, and Sadie all enjoying the sledding train!

We eventually make our way up to grandma's famous sledding hill and the kids enjoy a few runs down. This is the hill that Sadie crashed into the picnic table last spring, but she was a trooper and did pretty good. She was more than happy to go down she just didn't want to go by herself and I don't blame her a bit.

I love my kids!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree!!

I left my camera in the truck and didn't want to trek through the snow to get it so these are the only pictures that I got of our tree-hunting experience.

It was the weirdest thing, but the kids did not enjoy finding a Christmas tree this year, bummer! Tanner ended up pulling them in the sled the whole time and we listened to them whine and cry over every little thing....oh the joys!

This little guy can be having a miserable time and still give the sweetest smile:)

Sadie: "my mean 'ol parents made me go into the cold snow to find a Christmas tree! I hate it when I don't get my way and I have to let everyone know about it!"